Academic Activities include the development of personality promotion of life skills, soft skills, computer skills, social skills along with the ability to speak correct English. the programme in the B.Ed course equips each pre service teacher with the knowledge of Educational Challenges, Educational Psychology, Educational Innovations, Environmental Education, Peace Education, Guidance and Counselling and Human Rights Education. The theory learnt in Education is practised through the training received via Microteaching and the interaction of teacher centered methods, Pupil centered methods, Individualised Instructional Methods and Computer Assisted Instruction. Instructional Aids are prepared to suffice the need of efficient transaction of teaching learning process.

Apart from practical teaching, each student – teacher should prepare instructional aids and materials relevant to her optional. Each student – teacher has to construct a test and administer an achievement test at the end of intensive practice teaching and has to interpret the results by using statistical analysis. Practical Training is imparted in the use of Audio-Visual apparatus. The student – teachers have to prepare an ‘Action Research Project’ and a ‘Case Study’ of a pupil and also the institution of the practical school and submit a detailed report.

The practical Training for the B.Ed., students consists of both observation of lessons taught by the regular school subject in recognized Higher Secondary Schools and practice teaching by the student teacher at High and Higher Secondary Schools at the micro and macro levels. The student teachers have to observe ten lessons taught by the regular school class teachers and that will be followed by microteaching for one-week duration and four weeks of intensive teaching. Each student – teacher works as a trainee under the perspective school subject teacher in a recognized High/Higher Secondary School with the guidance and supervision of the faculty of the institution. The lessons taught and the workbooks maintained by the student teachers would be evaluated by the respective faculty members of the school and college and then placed before the “Board of Examiners” of the university. The Board finalizes the marks of practical examination.

Regular tests and assignments are being given for the B.Ed., M.Ed., and M.Phil. students every month and they are evaluated by the faculty members

Half- yearly examinations are conducted in the month of December followed by a model examination in the pattern of university examination. Based on these, proficiency prizes are awarded to the meritorious student - teachers.

Opportunities are also provided in Socially useful and Productive Work such as gardening, cleaning, hand-work, painting etc. A camp of five days duration is conducted as a compulsory, integral part of the B.Ed., syllabus course with the objective of giving them an opportunity to participate in community life. The camp activities include activities like guiding/First Aid and are normally held in a rural setting. Emphasis is also placed on physical and health education.

The students prepare a power Point Presentation with ten slides and they prepare a critical analysis study of different websites. There are plenty of opportunities for the conduct of curricular and extra-curricular activities. There is a student teacher college union, which is responsible for organizing a number of extra-curricular activities and the office-bearer of the union are elected by the Student teachers. Teachers’ Day and Ayyan Thiruvalluvar day are some of the important functions celebrated in the institution. Student teachers take part enthusiastically in the exhibitions of teaching–aids and Models held in the other colleges of Education in the city. ‘Muthamizh Vizha’ and Convocation are celebrated every year with vigour and glamour. To bring out the hidden talents of the student–teachers, ‘Talent Week’ is celebrated every year. On the ‘National Integration Day’ the student– teachers take an oath that they follow sincerely. Inter–Collegiate debates are conducted every year to explore the talents of the student–teachers of the other Colleges of Education in the city as well as the student–teachers of Lady Willingdon Institute of Advanced Study in Education. Our Student–teachers participate enthusiastically in the debates and other contests conducted by other colleges also.

Medium of instruction in B.Ed and M.Ed., is Tamil only.