Alumni association

The college has an Alumni association (not registered) which offers various facilities to the college such as RO Drinking water facility, Awareness programmes, interactive programmers, etc. The Alumni also sponsors endowment prizes to subject LADY WILLINGDON IASE toppers from the endowment fund. In a few departments, training programme for students are also conducted by the alumni associations.

Our college takes care of the programme expenses. The coordinator collects the letter of requisition from various schools to conduct campus interviews. The date and time of campus interviews of various schools are finalized by our principal and the schools are informed accordingly.

The following are the resources provided by the college
1. Place for conducting interview.
2. Provide bulletin board facilities to display the vacancies for teaching posts.
3. Staff resources
4. Financial assistance for the purchase of stationary by the college
5. Classroom for assessing teaching competency of students teachers.